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As an Educator

AGLOA recommends that you begin with either EQUATIONS, if you are math oriented, or PRESIDENTS and PROPAGANDA, if you are language oriented.

If you choose EQUATIONS

You must be near an existing Academic Games League or have contact with an experienced EQUATIONS coach who can teach your coaches how to play EQUATIONS. Contact AGLOA for information about local Leagues or experienced coaches.

Schedule a training session for EQUATIONS with the League or with the experienced coach.

Purchase EQUATIONS games from WFF’N PROOF and (optionally, but recommended) learning materials from the AGLOA website.

Begin play within your school, then schedule some matches with other schools. Several schools can come together on the same day at a designated site. Each match lasts about 35 minutes, so two or three matches can be played at a time.

Enter Regional and/or the Academic Games National Tournament.


Go to Online Learning on the web site.

Play PRESIDENTS online with the complimentary sets of questions. As many players as you wish can play and learn online.

Play PROPAGANDA online with the complimentary sets of questions. As many players as you wish can play and learn online.

Purchase the learning materials for PRESIDENTS and PROPAGANDA. They include hundreds of additional examples for each game.

Purchase the Local Competition Sets of questions for the current year.

Register your players online and allow them to play the Local Competition Sets. Their scores will be recorded with AGLOA.

Players with qualifying scores will be invited to attend Regional and/or The Academic Games National Tournament.

As a Volunteer or Sponsor

You can assist local schools as a Volunteer, helping them to organize local tournaments, produce necessary forms, purchase learning materials, and conducting the local tournaments. AGLOA provides a step-by-step process for each of these procedures. Contact AGLOA for more information.

Your organization can help Sponsor local schools by helping them to purchase learning materials, produce necessary forms and competition questions, and obtain awards. Contact AGLOA for more information.

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