Charles Lasley 

Detroit, MI 

Charles LasleyArguably the best math player up to that time, Charles was the first individual to win Equations, On-Sets, and Wff 'N Proof in the same year. He was feared by his competition, but only because of his skills and his record. He displayed impeccable sportsmanship, and was a teacher at the gaming tables. Charles would beat you, but he made sure you understood the math that he had used. For his accomplishments and his sportsmanship, Charles was honored as the 1981 Outstanding Sr, winning out over a very strong field. 

After Academic Games, Charles went on to earn a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, then started working for Ford Motor Company.

1979 Jr Equations (Individual) 
1979 Jr On-Sets (Individual) 
1979 Jr. Wff 'N Proof (Individual) 
1979 Jr Mathematics (Individual)
1981 Jr On-Sets (Individual) 
1981 Sr. Wff 'N Proof (Individual) 
1981 Outstanding Player 
1978 Jr Equations (Team) 
1979 Jr Equations (Team)
1979 Jr Wff 'N Proof (Team) 
1979 Jr Mathematics (Team) 
1981 Sr Equations (Team) 
1981 Sr On-Sets (Team) 
1981 Sr Mathematics (Team)
Jackie Kruszek

Jackie Kruszek 

Allegheny Valley, PA 

In her first year, Jackie won titles in all three subject areas, including two overall championships.

Jackie attended Penn State (New Kensington branch campus) then got  a BS from Pitt in 1988. She then completed 2 years of a Ph.D. program at Pitt. She now works for the US Government (HUD) and is stationed in Denver.Jackie works with Native Americans. Six years ago she was in a Bike Across America trip from Seattle to Asbury Park, NJ. It took 48 days. Jackie is married (Ankner) and expecting a baby in March.

1977 El. On-Sets (Indiv.) 
1977 El. Language Arts (Indiv.) 
1977 El. World Events (Indiv.) 
1977 El. Social Studies (Indiv.) 
1978 Mid. Social Studies (Indiv.) 
1979 Mid. Prop/Strange (Indiv.)
1979 Mid. Language Arts (Indiv.) 
1977 El. Equations (Team) 
1977 El. LinguiSHTIK (Team) 
1977 El. Sweepstakes (Team) 
1978 Mid World Events (Team) 
1978 Mid Presidents (Team)
1978 Mid Social Studies (Team) 
1978 Mid Sweepstakes (Team) 
1979 Mid Language Arts (Team) 
1979 Mid Presidents (Team) 
1983 Sr Prop/Strange (Team)

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