Questions for August 2012 from the Six Games
Played at the AGLOA National Tournament
Note: The reading games questions are updated for 2012-13.

Equations (All Divisions)

Use all the Resources listed below to write a Solution for this Goal:   65

+ x ÷ ^ 1 5 7 8 9


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LinguiSHTIK (All Divisions)

True or false? After the second Demand, Player Three may make a Demand but it must be a General Demand.

On-Sets (All Divisions)

An ambiguous expression is one that may be grouped at least two different ways to produce different sets of cards. Consider these two expressions.

I. R G U B       II. R G B

Which statement is true?

(A) I is ambiguous but not II.
(B) II is ambiguous but not I.
(C) Both are ambiguous.
(D) Neither one is ambiguous.

World Events - The Year 2012

In July, President Obama made two visits to the same state to console victims of tragedies. One was a natural disaster, fires that destroyed hundreds of homes. The other was a shooting in a movie theater that killed 12 and wounded 58 more. What state was this?

President Obama and Firefighters


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