Techniques of This Section

1. Prejudice 2. Academic Detachment 3. Drawing the Line 4. Not Drawing the Line
5. Conservatism, Radicalism, Moderatism 6. Rationalization 7. Wishful Thinking
8. Tabloid Thinking 9. Causal Oversimplication 10. Inconceivability

  1. The accident that caused me to run into the street light was caused by bumpy streets and the city’s pot holes.
  2. All teenagers either drink or use drugs.
  3. My new invention, the Hula Wiggle, is going to make me a millionaire. I’m sure everyone will buy one.
  4. You say that the police have arrested Mayor Simpson for bank robbery? He has been the only honest politician in our whole city for ten years. There’s no way that he could have stolen money!
  5. Dave is a typical programmer-you know, thick glasses, pale, skinny, and hardly able to talk to a normal human being.
  6. The budget freeze is neither a conservative nor liberal proposal but is supported by both Republicans and Democrats.
  7. Our country’s budget deficit is tremendous. We are just spending too much money. The way to balance our budget is to just stop spending money.
  8. I don’t think we should invite David to Thanksgiving dinner. After all, his last name is Rosenberg.
  9. I know I’ve already had eight beers, but one more won’t make any difference in the way I drive.
  10. I have a math test and an English test tomorrow. I don’t know which one to study harder for, so I’ll just wait to see how I do. Next time I’ll study harder for whichever subject had the more difficult test.
  11. Mrs. Pratt knows she was rationalizing. Before we criticize Mrs. Pratt, we should ask ourselves if maybe we rationalize sometimes too.

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