Techniques of This Section

1. Appearance 2. Manner 3. Degrees and Title 4. Numbers
5. Status 6. Repetition 7. Slogans 8. Technical Jargon
9. Sophistical Formula

  1. Attendance at religious services is a must to be successful in this world. All the nation’s business leaders-men such as Lee Iacocca-attend religious services regularly.
  2. Let’s not give up. True, we have tried everything. We have telephoned; we have knocked on his door; we have written to him. And we have not yet received a cent from him. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  3. What a Grand Opening, Folks! On the very first day of business on Friday, Celestial Cesspools served 6,000 people and turned away 6,000 more.
  4. I would like to introduce our Environmental Pollution speaker, Mr. Roger Rogue. He is a member of the President’s Committee on Pollution Control and is former Director of the State Wildlife Association.
  5. You don’t have to have oily skin to need Oil-Free Moisturizer. All skin types can suffer from acne cosmetica. Allercreme has a full line of hypo-allergenic skin care products and cosmetics.
  6. “I can recognize the quality of Smirnoff Vodka. My guests demand its value,” says Peter Valichnikoff, 1982 Nobel Prize winner and President of the National Science Founcation.
  7. The Book of Tomorrow! Buy it today!
  8. Reck Shelves are functional. Recks can be used in the garage. Bedrooms, also, are brightened by Reck Shelves. Kitchens can be Recked delightfully. Use Reck Shelves in your rec room.
  9. Twitty has been extremely polite, quiet, and courteous tonight. He must have outgrown his earlier wild days.
  10. In the television commercial the person shown using the sponsor’s product was in great physical shape and wearing well-fitting clothing. The person shown using the competitor’s product was overweight and dressed in floppy clothes.

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