Do you know which President helped pass our Civil Rights laws?

Do you know who was President when the U.S. entered World War II?

Do you know which President saved our National forests?


You can learn and play PRESIDENTS and qualify for the National Tournament!

PRESIDENTS is played in FOUR Ranges.

Simple Rules of Play

For each question, you will be given 3 Clues to the identity of one of the Presidents in the Range.

If you choose to answer after the 6 point Clue, you win 6 points for a correct answer.

If you wait until you have read the 4 point Clue, you win 4 points for being correct.

If you wait until you have read the 2 point Clue, you win 2 points for being correct.

You may answer only once for each set of Clues.

If you answer incorrectly, you score 0 points.

Only one Range (1/4 of the presidents) is played at a time.

For each presidential range, there is a Gazeteer Chart of information, which you may view at any time during the question. Click on the range of your choice to see and study the Gazeteer Chart.

We suggest that you start with the most recent range: 34-43.